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General information

Introducing the Clinic of Radiology of 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague and General University Hospital in Prague

The Clinic of Radiology is currently the largest clinic of this type in the Czech Republic. The clinic has approximately 110 employees (including 42 physicians) and is equipped with 45 x-ray machines, 3 computer tomography devices (CT), 2 magnetic resonance imaging system (MRI), 5 ultrasonography machines, 1 angiography theatre and 2 mammographs.

The procedures performed in the clinic cover the whole range of diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology.

The clinic consists of 17 departments where approximately 100,000 patients are examined and 125,000 examinations are performed each year.

Separate units mainly provide service for the patients of the respective clinics and departments where these units are located, most of the departments also perform examinations for ambulatory patients outside the hospital.

Some of the specialized departments provide services for the whole Czech Republic (Department of Neuroradiology, CT department, Angiography, Breast Diagnostic Centre).

The department of radiology in Faculty Polyclinic is also a part of the Department of Radiodiagnostics.

One of the main aims of current leadership of the clinic is a progressive modernization of the clinic's equipment.


The whole system works on digital, film-free basis. The ePACS system enables to send and share images and studies with the most important hospitals in the Czech Republic. A new machine for positron emission tomography (PET-CT) was installed in cooperation with our clinic.

Thanks to an American foundation (of Mr. Vasek Polak and his family - V. Polak Institute) new machines are installed also in the Breast Diagnostic Centre to ensure that the centre is one of the most modern ones in the country.

Was installed a new CT for cardiology in 2012 and now we are planning replacement of another machine for the central department.

The clinic closely cooperates with departments and clinics of 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and General University Hospital in Prague, both in clinical practice and theoretical fields (mainly focused of prevention, but also on science, research and education).

The Clinic of Radiology provides education for students of the subject Radiology and nuclear medicine in the 4th year of master studies of General Medicine and Stomatology and the subject for students of bachelor studies. The teachers of the clinic arrange seminars and lectures also for other subjects (surgery, biophysics, internal medicine) and participate on final state exams as members of the committees.

Since academic year 2004/2005 a facultative subject called Imaging methods in clinical practice has been introduced and serves to deepen and intensify the knowledge of imaging methods and their use of medical students and graduates.

The clinic participates on multiple research projects focused mainly on diagnosis and treatment of cancer (breast, liver), central nervous system diseases, MR imaging and interventional radiology.
It is the site of postgraduate education (in disciplines of Radiology and imaging methods, Neuroradiology and Interventional Radiology).

The teachers of the clinic are also supervisors in postgraduate programs. 5 doctors have achieved PhD title, 3 have CSc. and there are 3 associate professors and 3 professors.

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